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Toddler Time

Toddler Time (2).png

Tiny humans have BIG energy!


It’s a toddler takeover every Wednesday morning!

We have a special time when we open our facility to little kids (ages 1.5 yrs-5yrs). Tiny humans are the only ones allowed during this time. Parents can choose from 2 options- drop off their little tyke to our warm and loving staff and enjoy 1.5 hours to themselves or join the fun and stay with them during their gym play time. Come network with other parents and plan a playdate or run your errands with no little feet slowing you down!


It’s the perfect time to bring in your little ones to play on all our fun equipment without the worry of bigger kids.

Your child will begin to build confidence and self-esteem while developing gross motor skills through walking, jumping, climbing, hanging, rolling, singing, dancing, and following two step directions. Social interaction is highlighted and encouraged as children make new friends and incorporate physical activity into their lives.

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